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Born a perfect angel in Wilmington, Delaware, author Dave Rex Bonnewell found his inner demon at the impressionable young age of nine when he first watched a movie called "An American Werewolf in London". Since then, he has been inspired by countless horror, science fiction and fantasy movies and novels. Over the past decade or so, more than a dozen examples of his written work from short stories to poems in the genres of horror, science fiction and fantasy have been published. He is also being registered with the Writers Guild of America, narrates his own audio-books and is part of the creative writing team at Midian Entertainment LLC.

When he isn't writing, Dave enjoys traveling the world, fishing, playing computer games, long walks along the seawall while listening to Jimmy Buffett songs and, of course, reading and watching thrilling works of fiction. He has lived all over the country (including Kapolei, Hawaii) and currently resides in Galveston, Texas with his odd collection of horror, science fiction, fantasy and...nautical memorabilia? "BLEEDER" is his first published novel and "Creepy Haunts Collection: Six Sordid Tales" is his first short story collection. Both are available on Amazon.

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