DAVEREX NEWELL did not like the life he was living. He yearned for ADVENTURE; an escape from the cold, confined drudgery of the massive Tech'er complex he begrudgingly called home. Instead, he was stuck in a dead end job, literally. His career path with the explosives research and development division of the Tech'ers was leading him towards a very early grave. That is until his closest friend, GASTON MELCHOR, offered him just the sort of escape he was looking for in the form of recovering an ancient, powerful and mysterious artifact known as THE SPHERE OF THE FALLEN! With the help of a quirky old, reprogrammed medic robot named BENNY, Daverex searches for the artifact on a strange world ravaged by war and hidden in the depths of the multiverse. Along the way, his almost compulsive combat training inside of the Tech'er complex comes into play many times as he is confronted by a deluge of BIZARRE, SUPERNATURAL BEINGS. He soon finds himself overwhelmed and in situations that would KILL an ordinary person. Luckily, Daverex discovers he is no ordinary person when he taps into his SUPERHUMAN POWER! In times of need, he can slow time temporarily and become a DEADEYE, a marksmen, with his specially designed laser pistol called E.N.F.O.R.C.E.R. For Daverex, DEADLY COMBAT proves to be just one of many challenges in his path to recovering the artifact. He must also carefully negotiate both a newly forming relationship with a woman whose brother is missing and a precarious meeting with the holder of the key to operating the artifact. Whatever this artifact's power, Daverex will soon discover it is enough to bring about a BETRAYAL from the least likely of sources!

Deadeye (Episode I) by David Rex Bonnewell [eBook]